Mount and Blade: Warband - Rage of War 3.0 Map Fix (important)

Rage of War 3.0 Map Fix (important)


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This mod is for warband 1.158 and up, and is single player only This Mod Includes: The Rues tribe The Norse tribe The Gual tribe The Nords The Seagan tribe -Short bows have a faster reload speed than longbows but are not as strong -each faction has a special unit with unique items and are stronger than most units -different combat animations than from native (credits goes to Papa Lazarou) -bandit parties have leaders where you can get good items from - there are a few bandit parties that have a Norse god in the party and are labeled as that god, they will give you powerful items if you manage to kill them :) -Decapitations are enabled ( credits goes to flanged) (in version 3.0 not 2.1 read down to find out more) -mostly only viking armor and weapons -not many Calvary units in the mod -some other little tweaks -new items (credits goes to Adonnay, Runico, BL, and spak.).

This fixes the issue of the camera getting stuck on the world map due to border issues and fixes all the bridges so that they are not sideways. to install just drag and drop into the mod folder WARNING: NOT SAVE GAME COMPATIBLE.

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