Mount and Blade: Warband - Rage of war 3.0 tweaks (recommended)

Rage of war 3.0 tweaks (recommended)


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This mod is for warband 1.158 and up, and is single player only This Mod Includes: The Rues tribe The Norse tribe The Gual tribe The Nords The Seagan tribe -Short bows have a faster reload speed than longbows but are not as strong -each faction has a special unit with unique items and are stronger than most units -different combat animations than from native (credits goes to Papa Lazarou) -bandit parties have leaders where you can get good items from - there are a few bandit parties that have a Norse god in the party and are labeled as that god, they will give you powerful items if you manage to kill them :) -Decapitations are enabled ( credits goes to flanged) (in version 3.0 not 2.1 read down to find out more) -mostly only viking armor and weapons -not many Calvary units in the mod -some other little tweaks -new items (credits goes to Adonnay, Runico, BL, and spak.)

This file contains a few tweaks that will prevent your companions from leaving with a dialogue option, gives merchants more money and enables battle continuation when you are knocked out. (requires a new game for this to take effect, srry i tried to make it save game compatible). to install just drag and drop into mod folder.

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