Necromancer Full

Necromancer Full

Ever wanted to be a necromancer and control hordes of undead - turn calradia into a deadfest? Now you can! It is a minor project you get to play a badass Necromancer! Rain down meteors, summon skeletons, control hordes on world map, corrupt lords, teleport and your own tower! Welcome to Necromancer project! It is the first project of one of the upcoming "Roleplaying" series Dreamy Folk is working on. In this mod, you assume the role of a badass necromancer with supernatural powers such as raining meteors of fire, summoning undeads, corruptings lord (controlling them at world map), teleportation, creating illusions of yourself and AOE swirl - and what-not! Your goal is to dominate calradia in 90 days. Time to kick some ass with the powers you have!


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