Sharqi Peninsula Red Dawn End Version

Sharqi Peninsula Red Dawn End Version

Hello. I am RockstarCjbr. I come to share some ideas of some edited maps from Battlefield 2. I have no interest whatsoever to make money. Completely non-profit. I have about 10 years BF2 game. I thought it would be cool, maps with new looks. Long that BF2 was released, just thinking. Why not have new maps or maps from BF2 own with some differences that make the players continue playing. Or perhaps those who already not play more playing again. Despite the BF2 not return as before, not hurt to try. If by chance something of maps offend someone, or something semelhente. You can delete without any problem. My view, and share my knowledge (not many are), but for the passion of BF2 does not make me give up.

Map remastered developed for Battlefield 2. Sharqi Peninsula Red Dawn.

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