Sparta v1.2 Addon & Fix - SAVEGAME COMPATIBLE

Sparta v1.2 Addon & Fix - SAVEGAME COMPATIBLE


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The war between Athens and Sparta in the V sec B.C. - SINGLE CAMPAIGN ONLY -

Sparta1.2 Addon & Fix - SAVEGAME COMPATIBLE with 1.2 version. CHANGE LOG:

- fixed major polis siege and town scenes (some men got stuck behind a temple)

- fixed some missing or wrong scenes in villages

- Improved the major poleis' siege scene: Now it is possible to defend the Akropolis in a proper way positioning archers on top of the wals on the side of the Akropolis' gate

- fixed caravans and bandits getting stuck in some egean islands

- a new option in Camp Menu to disable companions' complaints

- a new option to secede from your kingdom keeping your fiefs when you decide to do it, without having to wait for the king to refuse you a fief . You must be a vassal owning at least a polis or major polis. Then you will find an option, talking to your companions, about sending a message to the ruler. It costs 20 honour and it starts a war with your ex faction once your companion come back to join your party (in a couple of days). BUT IT DEFINITELY LET YOU HAVE BETTER STRATEGIC WAY TO PLAN THE RISE OF YOUR OWN FACTION

- the chance to break your spear depends now on the quality of it, a balanced spear will last longer (in average terms) than a plain, which last longer than a rusty and so on

- increased Aspis' hit point

- slingers (apart from rodian mercenaries) have a chance to knock down enemies instead of always killing them. In your ongoing campaign (if you load a save of 1.2 version) it will work on freshly recruited troops while the old one will keep just killing. Still in your ongoing campaign if you want it to happen to your custom troop slingers, you must add other sphendones to them (it should be like this: 1 sphendone with damage stat 28 and 3 sphendones of the others and a couple of sacks of different projectiles). It will work on new recruits.

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