Spore - Better Spore Mod v1.5


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BetterSpore 1.5.0 is a list of various gameplay This is why we have made 4 version of the Gameplay package. - BetterSpore Gameplay - This contains all the gameplay changes, there are no new weapons or parts. - BetterSpore Gameplay NoCreature - This removes all gameplay changes to the creature stage. - BetterSpore Gameplay NoTribal - This removes all gameplay changes to the tribal stage. - BetterSpore Gameplay NoCreatureAndTribal - This removes all gameplay changes to the creature and tribal stage. A list of all Spore mods are available here at Sporedum http://sporedum.net/spore-modding/spore-mod-index/ Full change log: Changes to the gameplay package: - Nest creatures base hitpoints is now set to 25, 32 for alphas and 15 for babies - 5 creatures per nest - 5 needed for hunt bonus - 4 needed for socalize bonus - Rogues base hitpoints is now set to 125 and 62 for babies - 4 creatures per pack - 4 needed for hunt - 3 needed for socialize - 2 epics per pack, which allows for a total of 4 epics Changes to the tools package: - Fixed EPICWARZ bug, you should now be able to buy it normally Changes to the parts package: - Now when playing Cell2Creature, all parts cost 25 DNA points, and you have 180 to spend. - Fixed a few issues with parts in the Creature Editor - Changed a few balance issues with what parts give you Changes to Other packages: - Fixed main screen bug for Graphics package - Updated Guide package

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