S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky - The Warmongers v1.02 to v1.025


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THIS PATCH WILL RESOLVE FEW STABILITY PROBLEMS WITH 1_002! PLEASE MAKE SURE TO UPDATE YOUR VERSION OF THE MOD AT ONCE! /1_002 to 1_0025/ ~ REQUIRES A NEW GAME IN ORDER TO WORK! ~ * Improved the fix which caused the Loner faction to be neutral with you in case you were friend with them before shooting at Strelok. Now, relations with Loners don't change at all after the NPP events. * Small fixes have been made with the respawns in the Swamps. * Changed the textures of one of the Zombie (mutant, not human). * Changed the sound of the Acidic grenade to make it more realistic. * Various fixes and improvments.

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