Stardew Valley Soft Slow Seasons Free Full Game v1.5.6 Beta

Stardew Valley Soft Slow Seasons Free Full Game v1.5.6 Beta


Changes the terrain, grass, and foliage to soft colored, slow changing seasons. Spring will slowly become Summer and each seasons change is not immediate but a slow fade.

This mod requires Content Patcher & SMAPI - Stardew Modding API in order to work properly.

replaced almost all foliage with new slow season versions
replaced all grass with slow season versions
added optional desert recolor
added optional beach config
daisyniko and xiddav support
+ so much more, check changelog!

No longer will there be such a sharp shift in terrain and foliage when season changing, you will begin to see snow on the grass at the end of fall, and spring will slowly become more green as summer approaches.

Now including brand new trees, grass, bushes, replacing just about everything in the game with slow seasonal changes. You can use any plants with this mod but recommended to turn winter snow blue into grey to match best.

The Rustic version will not look very good with foliage redone, but there are plenty of other foliage mods on nexus to try, it should look fine with vanilla as well.

This mod is very low priority so it should not override any other mod other than vanilla. Please be gentle with criticism or issue I have high anxiety and difficulty being social. ^^


It is made to go with toned down colors and non-blue snow, it is recommended to use the included foliage
Optional Green Fall as well


By popular request this is a more warm-toned version of the original mod, should match more with other foliage mods.
Optional Green Fall as well


The same as pastel but more vibrant!
Optional Green Fall as well


Will not work with:

mods that recolor terrain
mods that contain unique terrain tilesheets

this mod is 12 seasons not 4 please keep in mind

desert does not match the replacers from way back pt, but a patch is being made
sand transition to the dock looks weird, will fix in a future update

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