Starfield Contraband – Expanded Mod v1.0

Starfield Contraband – Expanded Mod v1.0

Changes up smuggling rewards without touching vanilla contraband. Hunt with Star Power and create your own.

Adds a new way to obtain contraband, outside of the not-so-worth it Aurora. 
Uses Star Powers that you might not use otherwise, encouraging more ways to play.
Organ Harvesting:

Using Anti-Gravity, your kills within the effect will drop butchered remains. Take these to a Pharm bench to crate them up into a transportable commodity. 
The crafting recipe is hidden unless you have remains in your inventory, uncluttering your list. 

Butchered remains, as are the organs packed into the box, are contraband. Use shielded cargo or place them in your outposts.

Drug Manufacturing:

Using Inner-Demon, your kills that are targeted will drop a primed adrenal gland. Taking this to a Pharm bench, along with the second perk of Chemistry, will allow you to create your own "Aurora". An unstable StarAura. Get enough of them, slap them into a lead lined container and sell it off for better profits than Aurora.

Crafting is also hidden unless the glands are in your inventory, same as the organs.

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