Starfield Matilija's Aerospace Mod v1.4a

Starfield Matilija's Aerospace Mod v1.4a Starfield Matilija's Aerospace Mod v1.4a Starfield Matilija's Aerospace Mod v1.4a Starfield Matilija's Aerospace Mod v1.4a

Matilija's Aerospace is a new ship manufacturer, inspired by the engineering brilliance of the likes of Derek of DerreTech, and LJTiger of Tiger Shipyards, after a brief stint trying to keep DerreTech afloat during it's owner's mysterious disappearance, now that Derek has returned, Matilija has set off on his own to start his own ship manufacturing company, hoping to offer the masses more options for their Spacecraft needs.

Matilija's Aerospace aims to provide its customers with peace of mind by providing the most advanced means of Protection and Firepower that any respective ship owner could desire.

Modules on offer include

Cockpits initially designed by DerreTech, but re-engineered and outfitted to increase protection for crews during hostile encounters.

Stairwells initially designed by DerreTech, but re-designed to better facilitate internal ship navigation.(Please stop asking me to make more stairs, seriously, it's annoying answering the question about all-way 2 story, ect. stairs, and they are a pain to make, so just stop it, I'm begging you)

Reactor Habs initially designed by DerreTech, but re-engineered to provide both maximum power generation and maximum protection during any potential hostile ship encounters.

Engines initially designed by DerreTech, but re-engineered to be better protected from hostile fire and to provide the maximum amount of thrust for any prospective cargo hauler or cruiser in the Settled Systems.

Shields and supplemental shield boosters engineered for the most defensive minded pilots in the Settled Systems.

Landing Bays engineered to provide the most secure hatch seals and protection from breaches when landed in hostile environments.

Landing Gear engineered to support the largest and heaviest of ships that money can buy.

Structural Components engineered to provide reliable armor plating and advanced and organic cosmetics to any ship.

Cargo Lifts Ever feel like hauling everything up ladders was too tiresome?  Introducing automatic cargo lifts(just visually, doesn't actually add stuff to your ship cargo, but it does offer quite a bit of capacity) that will simply lift that cargo into the ship for you, no more tasking Vasco into the heavy lifting role!

ShipBoard Lighting designed to allow for easier ship maintenance in dark environments.

Weapons of all shapes and sizes, if you want sleek rapid firing weapons, or hard hitting cannons, colorful laser and  Particle cannons, Stealth Missile Bays, we have it on offer.

Currently, our engineers are hard at work designing the next generation of Grav Drives, advanced Radars, and various other future technologies that we aren't quite ready to share yet, but be assured, Matilija's Aerospace is here and our engineers are hard at work to ensure all Pilots can look to our ship parts for their needs both now and tomorrow!

Disclaimer-There is apparently a minor conflict with Flight Displays Retextures, load/install their mod after mine if you wish to use their Display textures.
Apparently Star UI ship builder also causes some of my modules to not show up.  I'll look into those issues when I have some free time.

Installation instructions

If manually installing, The Data Folder should be installed in C:\Documents\My Games\Starfield
And the MatilijasAerospace.esm should be installed in your main game Data directory.

If using Vortex, I can't be of much help as I'm not sure how Vortex handles it's installation of mods, the mod is packaged the same way I've packaged my previous mod, so there is no reason it shouldn't work if my previous DerreTech Expanded worked.

MO2 should handle installation without any issues.

No matter how you install, you need to have these lines added to your StarfieldCustom.ini file located in C:\Documents\My Games\Starfield
If you don't have that file located there, simply create a new text document and rename it that, and then add these lines to it.


I also recommend these lines to ensure your ship parts can snap without too many issues. 


I highly recommend something like Plugins.txt enabler to handle mod load orders, however, that mod does require SFSE and the instructions for installation of those mods are on their pages.  You can also use the stestfile method on your starfieldcustom.ini file located in C:\Documents\My Games\Starfield, though I advise against it as it has been known to cause issues. 

For those using Plugins.txt enabler, you need to have the line 
*MatilijasAerospace.esm in your plugins.txt file which should be located in C:\Users\(Your account)\App Data\Local\Starfield folder.  If it's not there, simply create a text file and name it Plugins.txt, and then open it and put *MatilijasAerospace.esm in it and save.

For Modders, starting in V1.1 when I release it, all of my form ID's are going to start with 0.004 to try to ensure I don't conflict with anyone else's mods, if you notice this does cause a conflict, let me know and I will look into updating my mod accordingly.

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