New Starfield patch focuses on bug fixes rather than new features

New Starfield patch focuses on bug fixes rather than new features

Starfield's latest patch, the snappily named update 1.10.31, has arrived, and it's aimed at making big fixes to Bethesda's latest RPG. While this may be a disappointment to some, who might have been hoping for new additions, fixing a game should definitely come before adding new features.

News in brief

  • A patch for Starfield has been released
  • It focuses on bug fixes and quality of life improvements
  • New features aren't included, but are hopefully coming soon


The patch makes a lot of quality of life changes to Starfield, including convenient updates to the scanner, and the previously promised photo mode improvements. Generally, though, the changes are mostly fixes, and not really much to write home about. As a result, it's one of those patches that's simultaneously a must-download and one to forget about as soon as possible.Starfield was one of the big releases for 2023, but to say it was a hit on the level of Bethesda's previous games would be a mistake. While there are still a number of fans who contend it's the best game of last year, a lot of the buzz faded shortly after launch, with a number of complaints highlighting the lack of things to do, and the relative emptiness of Starfield's space. As such, adding new features has been very high up the shopping list of many players.

Bethesda is more than aware of this, as well, and has promised a host of changes and new features that will hopefully bring players flocking back to it. Official modding tools are on the way, which should be a nice addition for those modders still working on the game. Also promised is a survival mode, which is sure to add new depths to the game. Finally, Bethesda has promised to add "all new ways of travelling", though what exactly this entails isn't currently known.

That Starfield launched as something of a disappointment for many isn't too controversial a statement. However, there could still be plenty of life left in this game. A number of other highly-anticipated games have launched in something of an unfinished state, and the way those games have risen from the ashes should be an inspiration for Starfield. Cyberpunk 2077 is a recent example of such, but No Man's Sky is likely the most notable. Starfield still has plenty of potential, but Bethesda needs to hurry up if it wants to prove that.