Starfield Smarter Spacesuit Auto-Hide Mod

Starfield Smarter Spacesuit Auto-Hide Mod Starfield Smarter Spacesuit Auto-Hide Mod

Tweaks the conditions for when your spacesuit is automatically hidden, and better synchronizes your follower's suit behavior with your own.

This mod does the following things:

Hides your spacesuit while inside of a sealed starship, including your home ship.

Hides your spacesuit while on a safe, breathable planet. For example, anywhere on Jemison outside of New Atlantis.

Synchronizes your follower's space suit behavior with your own, a bit.

Followers no longer needlessly wear their helmet in breathable zero g environments.

There is one exception to the sealed starship rule. In a particular ship with fluctuating gravity, I have it set so that space suits are always on without helmets. This fixes the slightly goofy vanilla behavior with followers equipping and unequipping their suit every 10 seconds or so, whenever it switches to zero g and back. Now they just keep their suit on the entire time, like you do.

For companion suit synchronization: If you are on a non-breathable planet and step into a sealed area, their behavior will match your own now, in that they will only take their helmets off. However, if you manually unequip your suit in these areas (to unwind in a home base or something), they will also unequip theirs. They still have a brain though, so if you walk back outside without your suit on, they will put theirs back on anyway. These new rules only apply to your current follower, not other NPCs.


Can be installed mid-save and should work immediately. No special steps required. Either use your favorite mod manager to install automatically, or manually install it by extracting the ESM into your Data folder, then updating your plugins.txt file.


Can be removed at any time, doesn't matter. No scripts, so it's completely safe. You will immediately see vanilla behavior again upon loading a save which previously had this mod.


Compatibility and Modder Information

Modifies the following conditional forms:

ActorShouldHideSpacesuitHelmetCosmeticBreathable [CNDF:000B1208]

ActorShouldHideSpacesuitCosmeticSettlement [CNDF:000B120A]

ActorShouldShowSpacesuitCosmetic [CNDF:000E55E4]

ActorShouldShowSpacesuit [CNDF:00194ABF]

If you have any other mods which override these... well, it's probably another auto-hide behavior mod, so choose which one you want lol. If not, load this mod below that mod.

Known Issues

Nothing. “It just works!”

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