Thirteen Colonies Mod 1.0 Full

Thirteen Colonies Mod 1.0 Full

This mod enables you play with the Thirteen Colonies in Empire Total War. With the Victory Conditions and Prestige added, This mod will make the Thirteen Colonies a more enjoyable faction to play with. To install add the startpos and scripting in your campaign directory. If you do not add the scripting file the game will crash after a few turns.

The thirteen colonies are relatively prosperous at the beginning of the game (possessing two major cities as well as several fur and ore producers), and can provide Britain a large economic advantage should Britain complete its mission, especially in the early game. The Thirteen Colonies are one of the strongest minor nations, with several multi-slot cities, desirable lands, ports, schools, and a solid starting position. The AI typically hands the British the thirteen colonies extremely early in the campaign, giving the British a very strong foothold in North America.

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