Westeros: Age of Petty Kings v2.0 Hotfix 1

Westeros: Age of Petty Kings v2.0 Hotfix 1

Long before the rise of Valyria, Westeros was divided into countless Petty Kingdoms. In the south, the Reach is consumed by fire as weak kings are set upon from all sides, and strong ones vie for their remains. In Dorne, the deserts run red with blood and in the north four kingdoms struggle for supremacy, even as they face invaders from all sides. As chaos descends upon the lands of Westeros it remains to be seen which Kingdoms shall forge dynasties to last a thousand years, and which will fade into history.

This is a very minor patch to fix the skins on brigainds. Just drag the data folder into your Petty_Kings_2 folder and overwrite!

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