3DFX strikes back !

3DFX strikes back ! 3DFX strikes back !

A new company 3DPower has absorbed almost 90% of the former employees of 3DFX.

What is rumoured to lie behind such a move will have nVidia out on a Rampage. RamPage was the graphics chipset that was under development by 3DFX right before nVidia stepped in. 3DPower will probably put the chip to good use in their debut card the "3DPower Absolute". The PCB of the card will be black with gold componets seated in a smart wooden box.

It seems 3DPower secretly formed this new company without nVidia nor 3DFX knowing, this move is bound to get under nVidia's skin. It has the potential to raise some serious legal issues.

Even though the story hasn't been confirmed yet, it cannot hurt to get another big player in the graphics card market since nVidia seems to be getting too cocky for the consumers good.