Age of Conan - Class System Details

Age of Conan - Class System Details Age of Conan - Class System Details

Funcom has announced some details of the character mechanics that will drive gameplay in its new online RPG, Age of Conan - Hyborian Adventures. The developer has unveiled the entire class and archetype system through which players will be able to experience the game.

The company has released a thorough look at how players will go about developing their character in Age of Conan - Hyborian Adventures.

The first thing you choose in your character development is your class. Here you can choose from Cimmerians, Aquilonians and Stygians. Cimmerian is Conans race. They are tall, grey-eyed, dark haired and fair skinned. They are typically tall, muscular and fierce. Aquilonians are the "Romans", if you like, and they represent the pinnacle of Hyborian culture. They are darker in skin, but they have a larger variation of skin and hair tones than the Cimmerians. Both the Cimmerians and the Aquilonians can choose from three different class types: Warrior, Priest or Thief archetypes.

To become a Mage, you must choose the Stygian race. They can be understood as the Egyptians from the age of the pharaohs. They have the darkest complexion and are the smallest, but they have a rich and mystical culture. The Stygians can not become warriors.

You choose the main archetype (warrior, thief, priest or mage) at level five as you reach the city of Tortage in the beginning of the game (after around twenty minutes of play).

The class specialisation then happens when you reach level twenty. This happens when you leave the single-player part - and enter the multiplayer universe. You can then choose your class from those available for your archetype!

Over the next few weeks Funcom will be exploring the different archetypes in more detail, but for now you can check out the > of available classes!

For more detaisl visit the official website and stay with MegaGames for further information on what is rapidly becoming a very interesting game.