AMD Radeon VII 4K benchmarks see it neck and neck with RTX 2080

Some new benchmark results for AMD's Radeon VII graphics card have leaked out and for anyone excited about AMD's new high-end GPU the news is good. The card looks to be just as capable as an RTX 2080 in some benchmarks and better than a 1080 Ti in others. Although it can't hold the high-ground in all tests, the Radeon VII is a very real competitor for one of Nvidia's most powerful cards and does it at a comparable price too.

The results appeared in the UL Benchmarks 3DMark record board for FireStrike, FireStrike Extreme, FireStrike Ultra, and Time Spy. They were spotted by a number of Twitter users, but PCGamesN has collated a few of them together and compared them directly with its own numbers testing RTX series graphics cards.

The first test result, Time Spy, is the least favorable for the Radeon VII, even though it does manage a graphics score of 8,700. A 2080 comes in a 9,645, but the comparison leans much more AMD's way in FireStrike. There the Radeon VII pulls 27,587 compared to the 2080's 27,853. That's far ahead of both the Vega 64 and 1080 Ti and suggests the Radeon VII has some real graphical grunt under its hood.

FireStrike Extreme sees it pull ahead of the pack with a score of 13,316 (versus the 2080's 13,212) and in FireStrike Ultra it begins to dominate with a score of 6800, well ahead of the 2080's 6,389 and the 1080Ti's 6,432.

Another interesting takeaway from these results is a comparsion of the Radeon VII when tested with a Ryzen 2700X CPU and an Intel 9900K. It achieved a higher graphics score with the AMD chip, although that CPU fell far behind in the physics test.

Could it be that the Radeon VII will produce its best results when paired with an AMD CPU?

The Radeon VII is set to release on February 7 for $700.

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