AMD is Smashing Nvidia GPUs in new Advert


There's often little love lost between AMD and Nvidia. They've been at each other's throats competitively for nearly the past two decades and that face off sees no sign of slowing down, as AMD has released a new advert showing one of its shadowy representatives smashing up a curiously generic looking, green tinted GPU.

It begins with a gamer trying to start up his PC with a new (obviously) Nvidia GPU and finding that it doesn't seem to work, no matter how much he hits the keyboard.

In walks "The Fixer" from AMD, who quickly hands the young gent a new mid-range AMD GPU and takes his old crappy card away, to smash it. He then goes to town with a chainsaw, a hammer, a katana and finally a leafblower, scattering the useless GPU to the winds.

Not a great message about recycling, but a funny one nonetheless.

While this is obviously a joke, AMD could make a real PR power play if it offered to smash up your Nvidia GPU in return for a new AMD one.

Though it does seem a bit odd for AMD to make out that it's the king at the moment. While you might find AMD hardware in both next-gen systems from Sony and Microsoft, it doesn't excuse the fact that Nvidia has the performance crown with dual and single chip cards on the PC.