Battlefield 4 multiplayer launch trailer released

If you thought yesterday's release of Battlefield 4 was big, you ain't seen nothing yet. Now the multiplayer mode for the game is officially live, and considering that's the real meat and potatoes of the series - which traditionally didn't feature a single player campaign - the gameplay can now begin in earnest.

Scroll to the bottom to check out the launch trailer in full, or read on for a breakdown.

Right off the bat, the trailer kicks things into high gear with little in the way of build up. A few logos are flashed and we're into the action, with tanks, planes, helicopters and of course the men on the ground, gunning away at each other like there's no tomorrow. But what's immediately obvious beyond the action is how colourful it all is.

If you've played a lot of first person titles over the last few years, you'll be well aware of the dominance of the grey and brown. Engines of this gen just weren't that hot at handling indirect lighting, which mean bright colours could make them look awful. But it's back guys, colour is back.

In some gloriously bright and vibrant environments, we then see our players battling one another, falling from skyscrapers while on the back of quad bikes, using jet skis and boats in water assaults and really covering all the bases for the new features found in Battlefield 4.

Destructible environments also make a big appearance, with falling bridges, collapsing buildings and general all round destruction which looks like its coming out as part of a 2006 PhysX demo. But more detailed, obviously.

While reviewers might have smashed the single player campaign for the bland taste it left in their mouth, the multiplayer mode looks far more exciting and is likely to hold interest for far, far longer.

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