BF4 expansion: China Rising, coming December 3rd

Battlefield 4 has only just been released, but DICE already has plenty in the works for those that think they'll be getting bored within a month or two. On November 22nd the first DLC pack, Second Assault is coming, which gives players access to some of the most popular Battlefield 3 maps, but China Rising is the first big one and it's set to land on December 17th.

China Rising ties in somewhat with the single player portion of the game and will introduce some new "massive" maps into the main game. Set in mainland China, with vast swatches of open ground and dense city fighting, they'll be combined with new weapons and vehicles to account for the larger map size.

While the release date is effectively December 17th, Premium members will be able to purchase it two weeks earlier on the 3rd. It's not clear if those that pre-ordered the game will be able to download it, as they are entitled to a free download for buying in before BF4's release date.

So how are you guys getting on with the new Battlefield so far? If you went for a console version, have you noticed much in the way of visual problems? The 360 and PS3 versions are said to be quite limited in their visual clarity with a lot of pop in.

Does this new expansion pack talk make you want to go Premium to get in there early?

[Cheers Videogamer]

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