BiA Next Gen For PC and PS3

BiA Next Gen For PC and PS3

Ubisoft and Gearbox Software announced that Brothers In Arms Hell's Highway is in development for next generation video game platforms, including the PS3 system and the PC. Scheduled for a holiday 2006 release, Brothers In Arms Hell's Highway is the third game in the multimillion-unit selling and critically acclaimed Brothers In Arms franchise.

Brothers In Arms Hell's Highway brings the squad-based WWII shooter into the next generation and has been specifically designed with next-generation capabilities in mind. The use of Unreal Engine 3 is also a next-gen trademark as it offers visuals and technology not available in previous systems. Gearbox founder Randy Pitchford has been very talkative regarding what gamers can expect from the next-generation Brothers in Arms and in an interview with Firing Squad he claimed, It's amazing what a real next-gen game can look like...BiA 3 shows how good real next gen can look.

The new game will also innovate in the gameplay introducing what are described by Gearbox as "extremely new cutting-edge gameplay features and a completely redesigned online component". Delivering on the franchise's compelling story, authenticity and intense squad-based action, Brothers In Arms Hell's Highway drops you into Operation Market-Garden, the largest airborne operation of World War II. Lead Matt Baker, Joe Hartsock and the rest of the 101st Airborne Division as they fight to open Hell's Highway in a daring bid for a quick end to the war.

According to Mr. Pitchford, Gearbox software is already working on other next-generation projects, no Halo titles though, and one of those projects is a game they did not originally create. Considering that Gearbox works with Ubisoft and that the French developer recently announced plans to continue the Far Cry franchise without original developer Crytek, one possibility becomes obvious. Another developer-orphaned franchise is F.E.A.R. although that seems a less likely possibility.

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