Big Fish Games Acquires Casual MMO Developer

Casual game developer and distributor Big Fish Games announced its acquisition of MMO developer Thinglefin.

"The Thinglefin team and product vision are best in class among emerging MMOs", said Big Fish Games President and CEO Jeremy Lewis . "Toby and his colleagues fit incredibly well within our ecosystem of creative freedom and forward thinking innovation, and they represent an important part of our long term strategy."

Thinglefin has been working on a browser based free-to-play MMO game which they described as both "casual and accessible". "Accessible refers to the fact that you don't need to purchase, download, or install any software. You can play it in a browser whenever you're interested enough to come check it out", explained Toby Ragaini, lead designer for Matrix Online and Asheron's Call and founder of Thinglefin.

Thinglefin co-founders Jeremy Friesen and Ryan O'Rourke, who worked on MMOs for Monolith and Sony Online Entertainment, will join Ragaini and a fourth Thinglefin employee at Big Fish Games.

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