BioWare Still Considering Full Frontal Nudity In Dragon Age

Like they did in Mass Effect, Dragon Age players will be able to have sex with one of their crew members in order to improve their relationship.

In Mass Effect, BioWare decided to avoid nudity in the aforementioned sex scenes, but it seems that they didn't decide yet if they'd do so in Dragon Age as well.

When asked whether Dragon Age: Origins will contain full frontal nudity, BioWare vice president Greg Zeschuk replied: "I don't think we've worked that out yet, because we can adjust that whenever we want, right? On Mass Effect we worked extensively to figure out, how do we want to portray it? It's not ogling pixels [laughs] - sad but probably titillating, too. I think for us it's more just making sure it fits the context of what we're trying to create."

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