Black Mirror's Bandersnatch game now playable on ZX emulator

Did you enjoy Black Mirror's first Season 5 episode that released over the Christmas break? Bandersnatch, as it was called, was all about the development of a new, fictional choose your own adventure game. While that experience, and its rather unique effects on its creator, remain within the confines of the extended episode, other games that make up the universe of Bandersnatch, including Metl Hedd, and Pig in a Poke, are now featured on the (un)official company website and one of them can actually be played with a ZX Spectrum emulator.

Nohzdyve (itself another reference to a previous Black Mirror episode) is downloadable from the company website. You'll need a ZX Spectrum emulator to play it -- download our favorite, Fuse, right here on Megagames -- but once you've got it and the .tap file, you'll be ready to go. Controls are simple and the aim is simpler: avoid the hazards and pickup the eyeballs on your endless fall.

Enjoy the smoothness of the sprites. Fictional designer Colin Ritman put special effort into those. But watch out for the video memory holes, they're rather problematic.

Other games are listed on the site with some background information and some artwork. Bandersnatch leads to the Netflix episode it discusses, while the others are a little less fleshed-out. The whole feel of the site is very era-appropriate though, and does a great job of mimmiccing the look and feel of the Bandersnatch episode.

Which of these games would you like to see (re)created next?

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