Bloodbowl 2 player transfers work like this

Bloodbowl 2, from Cyanide, the makers of the last Games Workshop tabletop adaptation, is slowly inching towards release, with the developers revealing little tidbits of information about it as time goes on. Today we're learning about player transfers and how they go beyond just hiring on a new recruit and training him up through the ranks.

"The marketplace is a brand new feature in bloodbowl 2," begins the devblog posting. "It will allow you to buy or sell Blood Bowl players from, and to other coaches in multiplayer. This new mechanic in Blood Bowl 2 has two main goals: first, to deepen the interactions between coaches; and second, to open brand new opportunities for them to develop their teams."

During the transfer window of each season, teams will be able to offer up players for sale, as well as bid on those of their contemporaries, with the highest bidder winning the player in question - though only teams of the same race will be able to bid.

Restrictions include the transfer window, race and league, meaning you can't buy outside of the time period, outside of your team's race or outside of your league, so it's not a free for all.

Transactions in games often come with a dollar figure attached though right? Fortunately, not with Bloodbowl 2. Cyanide has no plans to implement them in the upcoming game.

"That means if you want to buy some top veteran players, win some matches and amass Gold… lots of Gold!"

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