The Bureau: XCOM Declassified Details Released


Details of the XCOM shooter, The Bureau, have been released, giving us an insight into how the game will actually play out. A few of the different gaming sites have had some hands on time with it, giving their own opinionated takes, but let's look at the facts; what will the game really be offering when released?

The most obvious point is strategic gameplay. This is no mindless run-and-gun shooter, where you're facing off against dumb or underpowered AI. Here you're the weakling, your team is vulnerable. Go in guns blazing and you'll die very quickly. Strategy and moment to moment tactical thinking will be important.

The viewpoint will be third person, which is a step back from the originally intended first person perspective which we saw in early trailers a long while back. Combined with the command wheel for controlling your AI teammates, this could give it a bit of a Mass Effect feel.

There will be powers, but as with the other XCOM games, you'll need to capture aliens first. Also in line with XCOM is character progression and customisation. You'll be able to rename your agents, upgrade them and specialise them through their own skill trees.

XCOM experts will also be pleased to hear that there is a research area which can be accessed by your character. You'll be able to assign projects, leading to the development of new and better weapons as well as powers.

Other RPG features come in to play in the form of branching dialogue, which will lead to different outcomes in certain situations, as well as the inclusion of side-missions which will affect the main story.

That's about it for the main features. Is it shaping up be the kind of game you guys would enjoy? If you've no idea what any of this means, check out the origins trailer below: