Buy your Wii now, as NIntendo is shutting production down


Nintendo's Wii console, its mainstay for the past seven years and what could arguably be considered the machine that introduced the world to the potential benefits of motion controlled gaming - even if it is only really good for dance games - may soon come to its official end, with Nintendo halting production of the little guy.

Sort-of announced on the Nintendo website, via a translated "Production will soon end," bit of text, this could mean official support for the Wii is finally coming to an end - despite the fact that games for it are still outselling a lot of Wii U titles.

The end of the production run will give Nintendo a chance to focus even more attention on its current ailing Wii U business and much more profitable 3DS. Of course the handheld was hardly a success story when it was first released, so Nintendo supporters have been pointing to the history of it as an example of how the Wii U may fare as its game library increases and its hardware gets cheaper.

The big challenge though, will come when Microsoft and Sony release their next-gen systems in November. If the Wii U sells a fair few units this Christmas, despite the increased competition, it will be hailed as a competitor. But if the holidays aren't kind to Nintendo's current flagship system, it will be seen as a dud, potentially set to go the way of the Dreamcast.

If you want a Wii with the best chance of surviving the next few years, now might be the time to buy a new one. I'd grab a second hand one if I were you. Those will be around for years.

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