CeBit to Host New ATI nVidia Toys

nVidia are not about to let ATI get them one more time. The latest "leaks" claim that they are about to spring a little surprise on their rivals and, of course, on the poor unsuspecting public. Only months after the official release of the chip, formerly known as NV30, it is rumoured that, nVidia are about to release some information on their newest chip, possibly called the NV31. The information will be presented during CeBit 2003 which will run from March 12th to the 19th and is held, annually, in Hannover, Germany.
Despite falling attendance figures during last years' exhibition, CeBit remains the best platform on which hardware manufacturers attempt to charm and sweet-talk wholesellers and the, always present, unsuspecting public, into big deals.

ATI are also expected to give CeBit visitors a sneak peak at their forthcoming offering. CeBit this year is bound to convince everyone that the good old days of tough graphics competition may be back. nVidia now have something to prove and ATI are on their way to proving themselves into the hearts of that same poor unsuspecting public.

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