Cell shaded, city-builder, Flotsam, is a modern Waterworld

Tagged as "The Garbage town builder," Flotsam is an upcoming indie game that combines cell-shaded graphics, with a world entirely covered in water, and a city that needs to be built upon it. It's Waterworld, but a cartoonish re-imagining of it with - sadly - far less Dennis Hopper, but the same dose of an expansive waterbound world to explore and build in, as well as the odd sea creature to contend with.

It looks to play a little like Raft, if you've enjoyed that first-person survival title. Except instead of scavenging in the first person and avoiding a singular shark, you'll be charged with building a town, complete with farms, windmills, trading posts, hunting vessels, and more. You'll also need to manage the time and commitments of your sea-bound settlement's inhabitants, giving them plenty to do to keep the colony running and expanding.

"Scavenge whatever debris you can from the ocean's surface and grow your city while doing your best to survive in this colorful post-apocalyptic world," the game's description reads with its debut trailer.

Flotsam is being developed by fledgling creator, PajamLlama, and is still in the early stages of development and won't even enter Early Access until 2019, but the creators are looking to drum up a little interest now so that they can slowly build up the fan community into something more substantial when it does become available.

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