CoD: Ghosts will need 6GB RAM, 50GB install

At one point or another in a PC enthusiast's history, he'll have heard the immortal words, "but can it run Crysis?" Well in the future, we might be saying the same about Call of Duty Ghosts, as not only does it need a 64bit OS, 6GB of RAM and a massive 50GB of space to install, but the recommended GPU is a GTX 780.

Chances are if you're visiting a site like Megagames, your PC is meaty enough that it's already sporting at least 8GB of RAM and a nice GPU, but even some of you may quake at the thought of requiring a GTX 780 for recommended performance. I shudder to think what the ultra setting requirement would be.

Of course SSD users aren't going to be happy with the 50GB install either. That's going to eat up almost half of their total C drive. Many of those likely to be affected have queried why the install size is so great, considering most MMOs don't even clock in to half of that size.

It ultimately comes down to the huge textures the game is using, potentially supporting 4k resolutions. This would certainly give us the reasoning behind needing 6GB of RAM too - preloading those bad boys would take a while.

It would also be a good suggestion to play it with an SSD to help preload said textures, but then again, you'll want one over 100GB in size.

So guys, can your PC run CoD ghosts?

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