Countdown to Xbox One launch with Spike

Xbox Spike

The launch of Microsoft's next-gen system is just a few days away at this point and Spike TV is hoping to be there right with you when it happens, with its pre-release show happening between 11pm and 12am on the night before the release.

In anticipation, it's released several videos to promote the show, which will feature music from live bands, as well as discussions about the upcoming games and the console itself.

We do know a bit more about some of the games in the Xbox One launch lineup now though, as reviews have been hitting the web for a few days, with some big titles like Dead Rising 3 and Killer Instinct not impressing as much as you might have expected.

Which of you is heading down to the stores on launch day? I won't be, but I'll probably still check out this show. You guys might have gotten the PS4 already, but it feels like the Xbox One is going to really kick off the next-gen properly.

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