Crawl is one of the hottest new party games on Steam

Crawl launched on Steam this week after its Early Access period and has quickly become one of the most popular party games on the platform. You see, while on the surface it may seem like a rather typical, pixellated dungeon crawler, Crawl has one gamer play as the hero, while up to three friends play the monsters they must face.

When the human dies, they become a beast and whichever fell creature slew them will take on the role of hero. It's a never ending cycle so someone always wins and there are always teammates to play with and against.

There are a whole host of exciting enemies to take on the role of, including a series of bosses, all of which have multiple control points, so even when you have three pals vying to take control, there's always a spare head or clawed hand they can make their own.

There are upgrades and unlockables for the hero too, from new weapons and armor, to potions and elixirs to help them through Crawl's dark expanse. However while they're shopping, the ghosts and ghouls can scamper about to gather gold for their own upgrades, so it's a constant game of cat and mouse and tug of war in Crawl.

You can buy Crawl on Steam now for $20.

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