Crystal Dynamics: Tomb Raider Reboot Spans Multiple Titles

Crystal Dynamics global brand manager Karl Stewart revealed that the Tomb Raider series reboot will extend beyond the upcoming sequel.

"I have to be careful because I know exactly where she's going," he answered after being asked whether there are more Tomb Raider games planned in the near future.

"You have to look at the future, you have to look at where... It's not just one game."

Karl’s answer suggests that the upcoming Tomb Raider prequel is but the first chapter in the story of how Lara Croft developed into being the strong and heroic Tomb Raider of later games.

"At the end of this game we want her to be that strong female character that is willing to go and seek out mysteries and seek out tombs," he explained.

"She's going to be going to plenty of tombs in this game, but we're going to have somebody who wants to go on that adventure, who wants to be the person that she now is. That's the goal."

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