DayZ Standalone hits Steam

DayZ, the mod for ARMA II has been around for over a year at this point and it's great, people love it, but it's never quite ticked all the boxes. That's why Dean "Rocket" Hall has been working on a standalone version of the game for almost as long as his mod has existed. Now, finally, it's hitting Steam as an early alpha.

It brings with it a lot of features, while leaving some at the wayside, so Hall has been clear that early adopters should be aware that it is far from a complete and polished product.

In-fact some of the cooler parts of the mod have been left out for now as they need a lot more work, they include things like:

  • Driveable vehicles
  • Deep crafting options
  • Ragdoll physics
  • Mod support

However, there are a lot of great features in there already. There's crafting in a basic state, with the ability to customise weaponry. You can play with up to 39 other players across the whole 230 square kilometre map of Chernarus, a persistent player profile, clothing customisation with different protection from the elements and enemies.

As it stands DayZ is £19.99/24 euro/ $33 USD. The price is expected to go up as the game enters beta and finally official "release."

Read more about the game and buy it here.

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