Denuvo Anti-Tamper Tech Protects Rise Of The Tomb Raider & Far Cry Primal

The PC versions of Rise of the Tomb Raider and Far Cry: Primal will use Denuvo anti-tampering software to protect against piracy.

Denuvo is the industry's current magic bullet in its fight against games piracy. Denuvo isn't a DRM or anti-piracy system; instead it acts as an extra protection layer to protect the actual DRM system from being tampered with. According to cracking group 3DM, it uses a 64 bit encryption machine that requires cryptographic keys unique to the specific hardware of each installed system.

Denuvo also doesn't aspire to preventing game piracy altogether. The company acknowledges that all PC games eventually get cracked so it is only worthwhile to delay it until the lucrative launch month passes. The anti-tampering software was able to fulfil its mission with varying degrees of success and it appears to be at a high point now with piracy group 3DM nearly throwing the towel on Just Cause 3 two months after its launch.

If Denuvo manages to protect Rise of the Tomb Raider and Far Cry: Primal for several weeks, expect it to pop up in more and more high profile titles.

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