Deus EX 3 Announced

Deus EX 3 Announced Deus EX 3 Announced Deus EX 3 Announced Deus EX 3 Announced

Developer-publisher Eidos has revealed that its new studio in Montreal, Quebec, has opened its doors to the public, and that it will inaugurate by developing a second sequel to their most renowned RPG/FPS title: Dues Ex

"This game was very highly rated at its release in 2000, and we have this great huge mandate to do the third one, and everybody is very excited,"said Stephane D'Astous, Eidos Montreal's general manager and former Ubisoft exec.

To ensure quality, Eidos plans to keep the game's development team small and -consequently- development time long. "We're only working on AAA, major titles. We're going to be developing only major AAA games, using only next-gen technology", D'Astous explained. "We will want to limit our dev teams to a human-sized team of 80 people at the very highest of the peak in the production cycle. We don't want to become a huge studio where there's over 100 people on a title. We want a smaller, multi-discipline group that are tightly knit together. But by doing so, we will give them at least 18 to 24 months for the production cycle."

"Some developers are really trying to push titles out the door within 12-15 months; we're working on plans for our first few titles that will only be released after 24 months."