Diablo III Secret Level - Whymsyshire

Rivalling Diablo 2's Secret Cow Level in its ridiculousness, Diablo III has taken a swipe at its oft criticised too-colourful graphics by including a new secret level: Whymsyshire.

The hidden area is a bright green, colourful, cartoony locale featuring rainbows, smiling clouds and deadly purple unicorns. Despite the name and fluffy looking critters that inhabit Whymsyshire, it's not for the faint hearted. Even those playing on normal difficulty need to take care, as the monsters are of Act 4 difficulty.

Those wanting to try their hand at slaying the cutesy creatures of Whmsyshire will need to gather up five special ingredients and the Staff of Herding plan. You'll then speak to a ghostly cow who will tell you there is no cow level, only Whymsyshire.

For a step by step guide on how to get there, check out the DiabloWiki.

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