Diamond RIo 600 will play WMA

Diamond RIo 600 will play WMA Diamond RIo 600 will play WMA

The Rio 600 player will be made available in August and will support WMA format which is Microsofts answer to mp3. Microsoft claim WMA has smaller size and better sound. Rio 600 will be priced at approximately $180.
Rio shatters the personal sound barrier with customizable features and high-end audio you simply cannot get anywhere else! Capture and playback up to 1 hour of digital-quality music from the Internet or your CDs. Seize your audio, master your mix, retool your memory, even select your faceplate color - it's radical freedom of choice.
iT Supports the dominant audio formats like MP3 and Windows Media, and can be upgraded to emerging digital standards so you can keep your Rio up-to-date., Holds 1 hour of digital quality music (32MB) or 16 hours of spoken word. Pump up audio playtime with 32 MB, 64 MB or 340 MB snap-on backpacks, available separately.
You can also personalize your player with snap-on faceplates to match your own unique style.
No moving parts guarantee that you can take the Rio anywhere and it'll never skip a beat. Featherweight ergonomic design and large, easy-to-read LCD make it perfect for extreme listening activities.