Did RROD Plague Hit UK?

Did RROD Plague Hit UK?

RROD is a new acronym carving its place into gamers' minds. It is the Xbox 360 equivalent of Windows's dreaded BSOD (Blue Screen Of Death). RROD stands for Red Ring Of Death and it means that your console is in for a trip to your local repairs center.

According to Lee Sherman (Gamertag: Toxic Daywalker), Microsoft's UK repair centre in Havant receives 1500 to 2500 dead Xbox 360s daily to repair. If you don't think that this is too much, think again. Fixing those much consoles is well beyond Microsoft's UK repair center that they have to reship them to be repaired in Prague.

Here is how Lee found out the truth. Lee claims that 3 weeks after sending his Xbox 360 to be repaired and getting nothing but a customer services' promise that it would be "returned shortly", he asked the repair center directly but he was told it isn't possible since they don't have a phone.

However, using a directory enquiry service Lee was able to obtain the number for the Havant repair centre. "A shocking statistic we found out though is that between 1,500 to 2,500 consoles get sent to Havant by three UPS lorries per day, to then be shipped to Prague for repair", said Lee after contacting the repair center."[We] phoned up Nora the [customer service] supervisor again, who then admitted my console was in Prague and hadn't been looked at yet - she seemed amazed that we knew!", he added.

Keep in mind though that Lee didn't submit any evidence to confirm his story and even if he did, we still won't know how reliable the person who gave him the info is.