Duke Nukem Forever Delay Was Not A Quest For Perfection

Original Duke Nukem designer George Broussard has revealed that the lengthy Duke Nukem Forever development period has not been caused by some quest for perfection, but merely by incompetence.

"I wish there was an easy or dramatic answer for what took so long but there just isn't," he told Maximum PC. "It was just never ready. We had lots of development issues along the way. It wasn't a quest for perfection as some silly article in Wired implied last year."

"I think what hurt us the most was licensing engines and trying to change them too much. Shit happens and after delays the options are to continue or kill the game. I never wanted to kill the game. We got things turned around dramatically in 2007-2009, with a lot of new hires, and most of the game as it exists today was created in that timeframe."

Duke Nukem Forever is scheduled for release on PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 sometime in 2011.

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