E3: Heavenly Sword PS3 Exclusive

E3: Heavenly Sword PS3 Exclusive E3: Heavenly Sword PS3 Exclusive E3: Heavenly Sword PS3 Exclusive

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) and Ninja Theory announced an exclusive development and publishing agreement that will bring Ninja Theory's title, Heavenly Sword, to Playstation 3.

A stunningly beautiful martial arts drama set in a mythical time and place in the Far East, Heavenly Sword uses state-of-the-art technology and gameplay made possible by Playstation 3. It takes players on a roller coaster of emotion and action that truly exploits the potential of gaming as the new artistic entertainment medium. Follow the screens tab above for the first in-game images.

Heavenly Sword adopts the visceral action and visuals of the best martial arts action movies with a ground-breaking, free-style combat system. Players can freely switch between multiple sword types and a wide range of weapons on-the-fly. The latest physics technology has been integrated into the combat, resulting in destruction on an epic scale as players destroy opponents and the environment alike.

The emotionally charged, non-linear storyline follows a girl with only a few days left to live who embarks on one final act of redemption against a king and his invading army. Players can battle through lush environments with operatic grace and style taking their fight to the clouds, over water, through tree-tops and more. Enemies employ complex squad-based fight choreography and can attack one-on-one, in groups of several dozen, or even in battalions of several thousands, pushing real-time AI to levels unseen before.