E3: The Matrix: Path Of Neo

E3: The Matrix: Path Of Neo E3: The Matrix: Path Of Neo E3: The Matrix: Path Of Neo E3: The Matrix: Path Of Neo E3: The Matrix: Path Of Neo

The Matrix: Path Of Neo marks the second collaboration of Atari and its Shiny Entertainment development studio; the Wachowski Brothers, creators of The Matrix trilogy; and Joel Silver, executive producer of the trilogy. The former collaboration, Enter The Matrix, released in May 2003 and has sold nearly 6 million units worldwide to date.

For the first in-game images of the game from E3 follow the screens tab above.

The Matrix: Path Of Neo will follow the story of the blockbuster motion picture trilogy The Matrix, The Matrix Reloaded and The Matrix Revolutions and for the first time allow gamers to play as "Neo" and become "The One." A game of blockbuster caliber, Shiny also worked closely with the Award winning talent behind the Matrix trilogy to ensure that every aspect in design, sound and special effects would be authentic to the original experience.

Gamers will play as "Neo," but from the moment the game begins, how the situations play out, how they handle them, how they deal with the events, where they go, how people react to them - it's all up to the gamer. They may win where "Neo" failed or find another way to solve the problem - the path is now theirs to follow.

As "Neo," the choices the player makes to resolve each scenario and the resulting consequences may have a different result than the original films. Alternative scenarios filled with new characters, content and storylines have all been written and planned by the Wachowski Brothers to expand the Matrix universe and overall gaming experience.


- Gamers will assume the role of "Neo" - from when he as Thomas Anderson gets the cell phone in the package from "Morpheus," to the flying street battle in the rain against "Agent Smith." ALL the key moments that gamers have asked for have been included.

- Once again blurring the lines between Hollywood and interactive entertainment, The Matrix: Path Of Neo will feature the likenesses of all of the films' key actors - including Keanu Reeves ("Neo"), Laurence Fishburne ("Morpheus"), Carrie-Ann Moss ("Trinity), Hugo Weaving ("Agent Smith") and Jada Pinkett-Smith ("Niobe").

- To truly immerse the gamer in the Matrix universe, the game will feature a "Director's Cut" of the original movie footage from all three films and The Animatrix as cinematic sequences to progress the story told from "Neo's" perspective. An exclusive to The Matrix Path Of Neo, the footage was edited by Zach Staenberg, the Academy Award winning editor of The Matrix working side by side with the Wachowski Brothers.

- Re-creating the incredible ambience of being in the Matrix, The Matrix Path Of Neo will feature a full orchestral score playing in surround sound, developed to follow the action of the game. In addition, the games' soundtrack will feature original songs by the bands that were featured in the Matrix films.

- The player will use martial arts, medieval weapons and guns (lots of guns) to take on a variety of enemies, such as heavily armed SWAT officers; Agents of the Matrix, including "Agent Smith;" and Exiles in the employ of the Merovingian.

- The game will have enhanced Bullet Time special effects from the films and allow gamers to dodge bullets, jump off walls and defy gravity and logic to recreate its most memorable scenes.

- To re-create "Neo's" incredible range of moves The Matrix: Path Of Neo will also feature a more sophisticated martial arts engine to give gamers the true feeling of being The One.