EA's new Ignite Sports Engine Doesn't Support PC, Yet


EA has built a brand new version of its Ignite engine for the next-generation of sports games, but unfortunately at the moment it doesn't support the PC - though it may well do in the future.

This was announced by executive vice president at EA, Sports, Andrew Wilson, who said to Polygon that the average hardware spec of most PCs wouldn't capable of handling the new engine. It was specifically designed with the DirectX11 hardware found in the Xbox One and PS4 systems in mind, as well as taking into consideration specific points like large bodies of RAM.

You hear that guys? He thinks your PC isn't on par with the next-generation of consoles.

While that might seem insulting to "proper" gamers, he may have a point. A lot of pc players are gaming away on outdated video cards, with small volumes of RAM - you only have to watch the heel dragging load times of the average League of Legends player to know that not everyone is gaming on the latest and greatest.

However, what Wilson seems to be missing here is that you don't need cutting edge hardware to play most modern games. Memory prices are cheap too. If his engine needs 8GB, well everyone can get on that train for around $60. It needs DirectX 11? That's easy, as anyone with a 5 series AMD GPU going forward has that covered.

Considering Microsoft ran its Xbox One demos at E3 on a Windows 7 PC, it seems cheeky to suggest that the next-gen of these sports games is so powerful that the average PC couldn't play it.

Just give up some decent graphics options Mr Wilson.

What do you guys think?