Elden Ring on sale for the first time ever

Elden Ring on sale for the first time ever

Elden Ring, From Software’s masterpiece and the smash hit of early 2022, is now available with a discount for the first time in its lifespan. Jump onto the Steam Winter Sale right now, and you can get Elden Ring for 30% off. That takes the game down to $42, which is an exceptional price for a game this good.

Elden Ring, if you’ve somehow avoided it, is the follow up to From Software’s incredibly popular Dark Souls series. In fact, the Dark Souls games (along with From’s other games, Demons Souls and Bloodborne) were so successful they single-handedly invented an entirely new genre. This new genre, the "Soulslike" game, relies on a high difficulty level, often with high skill ceilings and unforgiving monsters. A gothic design is common, but not required.

Following up on Dark Souls’ success was never going to be a sure thing. However, Elden Ring took the Soulslike formula and supercharged it to the next level, adding an open world. It turned out this was the secret ingredient Soulslike lovers had been waiting for, and Elden Ring became an instant hit when it was released in February 2022.

Widely considered a modern masterpiece, discounts hadn’t been applied to Elden Ring before now, and it’s easy to see why. At this point, anyone who’s a massive lover of Dark Souls and the Soulslike formula has likely already bought and played the game. Therefore, it’s easy to assume that this sale is more aimed at the more casual Dark Souls players, or the curious, who might want to see what all the fuss is about.

It’s a good time to get immersed into Elden Ring as well. While all the top players know all the tricks to trip you up while you play, thanks to the Invasion system, DLC has just started to be released for the game. The first piece of additional content, the Colosseum update, has just arrived, and more is likely just around the corner. From Software isn’t likely to be done with this game just yet, and by grabbing the game now, you’ll be well placed and ready to play the DLC as soon as it arrives in 2023.