Elden Ring Companion Spirits Mod v1.12.3

Elden Ring Companion Spirits Mod v1.12.3 Elden Ring Companion Spirits Mod v1.12.3 Elden Ring Companion Spirits Mod v1.12.3 Elden Ring Companion Spirits Mod v1.12.3

Ever wanted to have a companion in Elden Ring? Rather than having spirit summons that fade away after a fight, or being locked out if they die, you can now summon a companion spirit which will stick with you throughout the game. All spirit ashes are affected, including ones in the DLC.

The normal coloration of spirit ashes are removed, and they now have a small passive health regen.

CSV Files are a separate download for all your merging needs.

Install with Mod Engine 2 and follow along with this guide if you're new to using mods:

1.                Go to the Mod Engine 2 page through the link provided above (right click the orange text, click "Open link in new tab")


Click Assets, then download the top .zip file


Extract the contents of the .zip into a folder


Download my mod, place the contents into Mod Engine 2's mod folder


Double click the launchmod_eldenring.bat file in Mod Engine 2 to launch Elden Ring with the mod


When you want to play Elden Ring normally or online, quit the game and launch through steam

Guide for merging using the CSV files provided downloads:


Get the regulation.bin of the mod you'd like to merge mine with


Open it with Smithbox (most normally use DSMapStudio but Smithbox is updating for DLC and is equally good)


At the top of the screen, go to the Param Editor tab


Search for the Parameters in my CSV file provided under optional files in the download page


Click on the first one, then click data at the top of the screen, then import CSV


Import CSV -> From File -> All Fields


Import the CSV corresponding to the parameter in Smithbox (for instance, to import my SpEffectParam CSV, search for SpEffectParam, make SURE you click on the parameter, and then import the SpEffectParam CSV, you'll have to do this for each CSV I provided)


File -> Save All Modified Rows


Make sure you put the script folder inside of your Mod Engine 2 "mod" folder along with the newly merged regulation.bin file


To export another mod's CSVs, you follow the same process but then click Export CSV -> All Modified Rows -> Export To File -> Export All Fields

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