The Escapists branches out with island survival in 2020

Team 17 and the team behind prison escape title, The Escapists, is coming back with a brand new survival escape experience: The Survivalists. Set on a desert island, The Survivalists charges you and up to three friends to explore, survive, and ultimately, escape the desert hell hole you've been confined too. It's a little like Don't Starve, but with less whimsy and more pixels.

As you might expect from the survival genre, there's lots of exploring, crafting, building, and fighting to be done, with an expansive collection of items to unlock, research, and put together. You'll build log cabins, hunting traps, fish, fight off cannibals, and tame the wilderness in your name. You can even train monkeys to help you with those tasks, creating a real workforce of local animals under your command.

It draws a lot of inspiration in style, humor, and look from The Escapists, and is set in the same universe. Though we doubt you'll be visiting any prisons... unless you can make it home.

Set to debut on the PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC, The Survivalists is coming in 2020.

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