Eternal Darkness On Its Way

[[The Game]]

No Bin Laden is not on his way but we, at, took a look at Silicon Knight's upcoming GameCube title "Eternal Darkness".
As far as what we should expect, the title is a product of the creators of the original "Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain", do we need to say more?.

An Ancient Evil
Long before humanity graced the Universe with it's ideas, the Earth belonged to another species. An ancient species - unbound by physics or nature, purpose or ethic. Through the shifting of time, the relentless advance of ice and continental plate, this species was driven into the recesses of the world - to lie dormant, until such time as the conditions were right for their return.

The innocent human race, safe in its blind superiority is oblivious to the danger it walks amongst. The Ancients want to reclaim the Earth as their own, and have taken great pains to ensure their reign in the dawn of the new millennium.

Secret Societies, hungry for power and domination, mad with their obsession, seek to restore the Ancients to their former mastery. Over the aeons the sects have been active, scheming and plotting in the darkness, worshipping entities and attempting to summon them, through arcane magicks, blood and sacrifice.

Of these groups, few stories are told. Those who know too much perish swiftly, hunted and murdered to preserve the secrets.

Beyond mankind's limited comprehension.

An incomprehensible war, hidden by secrets and plagued by death.

Innocents, who will be tainted. Hunted, murdered, martyred...

[[A Legacy of Darkness]]

From beneath the secrets of time and space, the story of the Eternal Darkness unfolds, echoed through twelve chosen souls. Twelve people, their fates inextricably entwined with the destiny of the human race, fight an incomprehensible war against the malignant regime of the Ancients.

From a benevolent monk during the paranoia of the Inquisition, to a Special Forces commando deep behind enemy lines, the Chosen Few find their lives torn apart by the unseen evil, and are forced to confront their fears without reward or glory. Their sacrifice will be extreme - such is the cost of saving humanity.

The human mind is a fragile thing at best and confronting the numbing power of the Ancients is no small feat. These poor souls will find the very concept of reality challenged, even fractured in the yawning maw of insanity. Some will fail, while others will brave the grim dangers of their shattered minds, experiencing effects that transcend that which is real, and that which is pure abhorrent delusion.

Yet not all hope is lost. The tools at their disposal are both ancient and modern - from sophisticated technology like laser sighted automatic rifles, to the mystical powers of arcane magick. After all, not all the servants of the Ancients are immune to the edge of a sharp blade....

The enemy are aware of the resistance of mankind, and have infiltrated every level of its society. The lurking abominations of the Ancients hide behind trusted faces, wearing their skins like puppets, manipulating and controlling the fate of humanity.

The hunt has been endured for centuries, and is drawing to a close...

[[The LowDown]]

Eternal Darkness ships February 11, 2002
From what we saw of the game it looks like another winner.

President of Silicon Knights, Denis Dyack, says, "Eternal Darkness is definitely an epic storyline as a lot of our games are. It's a very classic struggle between good versus evil. Whereas the Resident Evil franchise has sort of B-movie plots in its games, we're going for a deeper, more classical approach. You won't see this as a B-movie horror scare. It's a psychological thriller."

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