Everquest Expansion in February

Everquest Expansion in February

Sony's ever popular Everquest series is about to receive a further boost by the release of the expansion pack, Everquest : Gates of Norath in February 2004. If you already speak Everquest a descripttion of the story and features of Gates of Norath follows:

The greatest threat to the world of Norrath has been unleashed in EverQuest! The lost continent of Taelosia has been discovered and a massive assault force, the Legion of Mata Muram, is creating chaos and devastation on this once peaceful continent! Experience EverQuest : Gates of Discord and help protect your world while adventuring in many new zones, including a stony city, sprawling temples, a myriad of catacombs, and a maze of sewers. And meet the Berserker, the newest EverQuest character class and perhaps your closest allies in melee combat against the invading hoard of fearless, deadly monstrosities from the chaotic Realm of Discord.


-100 new Alternate Advancement abilities offer more options for character progression with new and unique skills to master.

-Gain leadership experience and unlock many group- and raid-enhancing tools.

-20 new zones, 10 new instanced zones and 10 new traditional zones including a huge ship city zone, complete with merchants, tradesman, and quest-givers, where you can gather your party and launch expeditions. The new combat zones are for characters level 50 and over.

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-New Berserker class empowers you to ravage your enemies with two-handed axes or by hurling large objects.