Everybody hooks: HiRez on why Paladins isn't an Overwatch clone

Everybody hooks: HiRez on why Paladins isn't an Overwatch clone

If you just glanced at HiRez's upcoming team based, class based shooter, Paladins, you might think it was a complete clone of Overwatch. It features similar game modes and a lot of character types which seem almost completely ripped out of Blizzard's latest hit success.

But if you listen to the explanation as to why that is, HiRez makes some good points.

For starters, there's no way it could have made a game like Paladins in the year since Overwatch was announced. Even an experienced team like it is would struggle with a time frame like that.

Many of the character archetypes that appear in its game and Overwatch though, were ones it created or re-used in earlier games, it claims. In Global Agenda, which HiRez released in 2010, there was a female sniper, an armored warrior equipped with a shield and hammer, an engineer who could pop down turrets, a female with a backpack and rocket launcher and many more similar characters.

HiRez also pointed out that just because it has a character that hooks on to enemies, doesn't mean it's an Overwatch clone. It even posted a video of a number of hooking, grabbing and pulling characters from the history of gaming - there's a lot.

That's not to say it wasn't inspired by Overwatch in some ways though. The Kill Cams and improved lag comp are in there because of Overwatch.

It's jut exactly the same. Got it?