Fancy Climbing a Tower of Near-Nude Men? Here's How

Mount your Friends

I'm not gonna lie, this is a pretty homoerotic game, but that doesn't mean it can't be hilarious and fun. It's called Mount your Friends and it's all about building and climbing a tower of near-nude men.

Why near nude? Because there's nothing funnier than a ragdoll physics enabled set of genitals in a banana hammock.

The game is operated in a similar style to strange physics simulations, like QWOP, which saw you controlling a sprinter's leg muscles individually using the keyboard. However Mount works slightly different, giving you control of arms and legs individually, using the face buttons on your Xbox 360 controller. You can then drag those limbs using the thumb stick. Touching another climber's body part sticks it automatically.

It's a simple game, but its quirky controls and strange take on gaming in general makes it quite unique.

Mount Your Friends is currently available on Xbox Live, priced at 80 Microsoft points. It's also currently in Steam Greenlight if you want to give it a vote.

If any of the above seem unbelievable, here's proof: